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Inspired by Finland's overwhelming success, we've re-imagined Early Childhood Education for the region. We're already successful and thriving in the UAE and opening in Qatar in September, with more schools set to open in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in 2018. If you want to own and operate a successful, respectable, and profitable PRESCHOOL business we're here to help make it happen in 2017.


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I am an educator myself and I've been thrilled with this place! My daughter loves coming to "school" and we are so happy with Miss Sofia and the management. We are excited for our son to attend in a few years. Love Kipina to the moon and back!"

"Totally recommend for your little ones. Such a beautiful, healthy, educational nursery. My baby just loves it, so do we ."

Jo Bu

Diana Ziadat Oweis


"The Kipina family has been such a big support to me and my family. After being home with my son for 6 months, I was very apprehensive about leaving him in a nursery. The integration week was a huge help to us both, and the lovely staff have been great at communicating what he’s doing every day. I love reading his daily activities book and picking up his art work. He is breast fed on demand and I wasn’t sure how well he would do taking a bottle and in a new environment. With the support of the Kipina staff, we have been able to pace feed my son at nursery and he is doing amazingly well. The staff has been so supportive and my son is thriving in their care."

Kira Turner

The best place to Start is at the Finnish

Educators talk about Finland, but people are surprised to learn that Finland consistently rates as one of the best education systems in the world. In fact, many governments are studying Finland’s success. Countries who are working on education reform such as the UAE, Qatar and KSA, have all partnered with Finland to launch Finnish schools. In PISA scores Finland consistently performs better than all European countries (including the UK), and the United States, and has better retention of students at all levels of education.





"In the last 18 months I've opened 2 Kipina Preschools in Abu Dhabi. I'm delighted with the market response and the way the business is growing. I didn't want to be another of the 200+ British preschools here. Kipina is unique - the only Finnish-inspired nursery. It stands out from the crowd and people love it."


Ali Irfan, Master Franchisor, United Arab Emirates, and now a Director of Kipina Worldwide.

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The country’s achievements in education have other nations, especially the United States, doing their homework


Instead of control, competition, stress, standardized testing, screen-based schools and loosened teacher qualifications, try warmth, collaboration, and highly professionalized, teacher-led encouragement and assessment

The emotional climate of the typical classroom is warm, safe, respectful and highly supportive.

The Finnish outlook provides a model that every country should learn to emulate.

Finland has consistently been among the highest scorers worldwide in the international assessment for student performance - a study carried out by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

  1. Education is a recession resistant business.
  2. Expected annual returns exceed 30% for a good preschool.
  3. A cash in advance business with no bad debts and easy cash-flow management
  4. No academic experience required to set up or manage the business.
  5. Make a respectable contribution to society while being an entrepreneur.
  6. Children can progress from 4 months old to 6 years old – long term customer base.
  7. Supporting parents and children is a very fulfilling lifestyle.
  8. Preschools are needed in all residential communities, and even in large workplaces.
  9. With a good franchise you get great systems that work, start-up help, and ongoing support along with regular upgrades to the systems, the curriculum and the programs.


Inspired by Finland, with Programs in English

Finland is famed for its schools and staff, consistently topping global league tables for pupils’ performance.