Are you looking for the best preschool franchise, with the most acclaimed approach to education?

Inspired by Finland's world-leading success in early childhood education, Kipina Kids is the fastest growing preschool chain in the GCC, with branches in the UAE, Qatar, KSA, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt. Now we're taking the best Early Childhood Education to the rest of the MENA.


We'll work with Franchisees to develop a network of amazing preschools in English.

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We're ready to work with Franchisees across the MENA region to build a network of amazing preschools. You'll need to have the resources and business background to open your own school and grow a successful business that inspires your community.


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We improved on Finland's approach. We made it relevant to the more competitive society most people live in. We added more structure, with intentional learning, then we added technology, and boosted the play-based learning with character development.

From a 'living' curriculum to 1,080 daily lesson plans - one for every day of every week, month, term and academic year, to custom management software that tracks academic progress and daily activities, to mobile apps for parents and teachers. Kipina is super-advanced.

We own and operate our own preschools. We know the business inside out. We've developed a proprietary, research-based curriculum that takes the best of Finland's experience and adds the latest research from Harvard, topping off with the most modern teaching methodologies.

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I am an educator myself and I've been thrilled with this place! My daughter loves coming to "school" and we are so happy with Miss Sofia and the management. We are excited for our son to attend in a few years. Love Kipina to the moon and back!"

Jo Bu

"Totally recommend for your little ones. Such a beautiful, healthy, educational nursery. My baby just loves it, so do we ."

Diana Ziadat Oweis


"The Kipina family has been such a big support to me and my family. After being home with my son for 6 months, I was very apprehensive about leaving him in a nursery. The integration week was a huge help to us both, and the lovely staff have been great at communicating what he’s doing every day. I love reading his daily activities book and picking up his art work. He is breast fed on demand and I wasn’t sure how well he would do taking a bottle and in a new environment. With the support of the Kipina staff, we have been able to pace feed my son at nursery and he is doing amazingly well. The staff has been so supportive and my son is thriving in their care."

Kira Turner


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The best place to Start is at the Finnish

Educators talk about Finland, but people are surprised to learn that Finland consistently rates as one of the best education systems in the world. In fact, many governments are studying Finland’s success. Countries who are working on education reform such as the UAE, Qatar and KSA, have all partnered with Finland to launch Finnish schools. In PISA scores Finland consistently performs better than all European countries (including the UK), and the United States, and has better retention of students at all levels of education.